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Shipping: Free Shipping to United States and United Kingdom( Some remote countries not free, such as, South Africa)

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Ali queen hair ®

Hair can get tangled because it's too dry and gathering too much of dust and other stuff .

At this time remember not to wash it with shampoo, because that's gonna make it even worse.

Do not brush the hair from the root to the tip, starting from the ends, comb it through and then from the middle, then finally goes from the top.
Use wide-tooth comb gently brush your hair. curly hair pls Smooth the hair by hand.
Wash it with clear warm water and deep condition it for a while, it will get better and better!
Gold Virgin Hair Silver Virgin Hair Normal Virgin Hair
Cut from 1 donor
Unprocessed, same direction
Cut from different donor Cut from different donor
(has been dyed or curled
human hair)With acid bath
2-3 Years
12-18 Months
12 Months
What do they mean? How to distinguish?

Many clients ask us what are the differences between our hair. Now let us help you to figure out! Some clients would ask us do you have 7A, 8A, 9A, and even 10A Virgin. Hey guys, we need to change this mind. Why? Because different companies have different names and grades for their products. Some companies said they supply 10A Virgin hair, they just want to make themselves different from others and to attract the clients like you. So we can not ask this stupid question again.

So what we need to focus on?

● 1. Is it 100% human virgin hair? Will mix with other fibers or not?

● 2. How long can the hair last for?

● 3. Can the hair be colored or bleached?

● 4. Is it full from the weft to the end?

We need to focus on the above questions, are they helpful for you ?

Now let us tell you the differences between our Gold Virgin, Silver Virgin , Normal Virgin hair and Quick Change hair:

# Gold Virgin Silver Virgin Normal Virgin Quick change Hair
Lifetime About 2 years 12~18 months 12 months 3-6 months
Cuticle Intact Intact Intact Intact
Human hair YES YES YES YES
Dye or Bleach? Yes Yes, but the times is less than Gold Virgin Hair. Yes, but the times is less than Silver Virgin Hair. Yes, but only can be dyed to deep colors.
Is it full from the weft to the end? The thickest Moderate thickness The end is a little thin The end is a little thin
Coarse / Soft A little coarse A little coarse Soft Soft

Notice: (The times of dying and bleaching is depending on whether you are good at doing these; Don’t own one point in your mind: The soft hair is better than the coarse hair. The answer is NO. If you want to dye and bleach always, pis choose the coarse hair. If not, you can choose the soft hair.)

All of our hair with no tangle, no shedding, good quality, they are just suitable for different clientsSo some suppliers in China use low quality hair as high grade hair, for example some people name their 5a hair as 7a hair, even 8a hair. so we cant judge hair quality by hair grade, we should see qualityfirst.Contact our sales to get started!


● 1. Express doesn’t accept any address with P.O. Box

●2. Please ensure your address is correct, changing address after parcel left factory will cause extra at least $15 when delivered.

Doesn't Accept P.O. Box!

We use DHL or FedEx for shipping carrier, FREE SHIPPING for each order( Except In some remote country)

If you need any other shipping method, please contact our service.

Delivery time: Normally, it takes about 2-5 business days for the delivery.


Irresponsible:Shipping address is incorrect,DHL won't able to find it. Nobodybe able to sign the package,DHL leaving at door, package stolen signed by someone else you don't know which means malicious stolen.
Responsible:We put the wrong address which did not match your given address.


It is decided by the hair as sample and lower value just to help you to avoid the customs tax as possible as we can. You will get the original hair as your order shows !


PS: Please contact us at first time if you have any question. Prepared time of the order: In 24 hours ( Except the holiday )

1. Customers will only be charged once at most for shipping costs (this includes returns); No-restocking to be charged to the consumers for the return of the product.
2. If the package you return to us gets lost, we would not be responsible for it. We only will refund to you when we receive it.Thanks for your kindly understanding and cooperation !

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