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About Hair Quality (1)

   Question 1: Are You Sure You Know The Tricks to Tell the Different Qualities of Hair?

I assume everybody has been telling you that 8A grade hair is the best hair?
Have you been getting the so-called 10A or 20A hair on Aliexpress or other websites, but it turned out to be extremely poor quality?
Are you upset about numerous changing of vendors but never got what you really want?
What is real good quality virgin hair? Why are there tens of different price ranges in the same grade of hair, while there are also huge differences among them all?
Thus, are you still sure you know how to distinguish the qualities of hair?
Lets discuss about what grade of hair is really the best hair.
Different vendors have various standards for the grades, from 5A to 20A, the thing is that these grades are normally unlike what theyve been marked, the higher the better.
The one thing to be sure about is that the best virgin hair is cut from young girls, aging from 18 to 22, and most importantly, the donor has to make sure she didnt do any treatments on her hair before. The best raw material comes from authentic natural virgin hair, which is healthy & nutritious. As more and more young ladies are so fond of dyeing & styling their hair to make themselves trendy, it has now made it extremely difficult to get supreme quality raw materials. Thus the longer inch of hair, the less raw materials are.
Raw materials from donors who are a little elderly go after the first one as it is also treatment free. These two types of raw materials are full cuticles aligned in the same direction and treatment free, which means with proper care, it can last for more than one year & will be able to be dyed or bleached for more times.
The least quality ones come from donors who already dyed or bleached their hair, or even styled it before etc.. For this hair, we have to chemically altered it and precolored it to jet black. Since it has been chemically altered & the cuticles are damaged, the lifetime is a lot shorter and it can no longer endure much treatment.
Therefore, the first conclusion here we made to define good or bad of the hair itself is from the very sources. You need to know how to tell the differences of better or less quality one.