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5 amazing tips for making your blow dry last for days

We all love the feeling of leaving the salon with gorgeous, bouncy hair. However, for most of us, this feeling doesn’t last for long. As the day ends and your head hits the pillow, your Instagram-worthy hair may turn into a flattened mess. Nonetheless, with proper precautions, you can maintain and extend your flawless coiffure. Here are a few tips on how you can make your blow dry last longer with minimal effort.


 Avoid Touching Your Hair

After a blow dry, you may want to run your fingers through your soft, silky hair over and over again. However, constantly touching your hair creates more oil, and thus, ruins the freshness of your tresses. Plain and simple, stop yourself from touching your hair.

Tie Your Hair Up While Sleeping

Before you go to bed, put your hair up to avoid frizz and tangles that happen from tossing and turning throughout the night. It is best to avoid a traditional elastic hair tie because it may cause dents in your blow dry. Instead, gather your hair into a loose bun on the top of your head with a scrunchie to maintain the voluminous look the following day.


Use a Shower Cap

Shower caps can protect your hair from moisture and humidity that tend to kill your delicate locks.  Tuck your hair into a terry cloth-lined shower cap every time you take a shower.  The cloth will soak the moisture before it reaches your locks. Also, avoid taking long showers to prevent your hair from excessive exposure to warm temperature and steam.


Refresh Your Blow Dry

Consistent care is key to maintaining a long-lasting blow dry. Start refreshing your blow dry the same day to keep it fresh and bouncy. You may also use dry shampoo or light hairspray for a lift.  Additionally, you can use a shine spray after curling your hair or restyle any kinks in your hair with a round brush, which will freshen up the look and add extra volume.


Use Silk Pillowcase

The type of pillowcase you sleep with can affect the longevity of your blow dry. If you want to make your blow dry last longer, use breathable cotton or silk pillowcases.