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6 easy ways to get curly hair without heat

"Curly hair with a wide sweet smile is the perfect combination of beauty."

The same uniform straight hair often makes the beautiful you disappear from the crowd, but the variety of curls that often make you beautiful like no other! 

But now comes the problem, perming and caring for curls is often a painful process that takes a lot of time and money. This article is made for this problem. The following 6 methods will help you to have unique curls in the most convenient way and in the shortest time. Let's begin!

1. Pin

It is a super easy way to get curls without heat. Do you know how to pin curl hair with babby pins?

First of all, wash your hair with high-quality shampoo and conditioner to prepare dry and detangled hair, then create some sections that are about an inch in size.

Secondly, take the end of the one section to tuck around your fingers and start the curls until it reach your scalp. In this process, you need to make sure to roll the hair up and keep it away from your face.

Thirdly, use a pin to fix up the curl that is flatted against your scalp, and then repeat the process until your hair is covered with curls.

Finally, use a silk scarf to wrap your hair and go to bed.

In this way, when you wake up the next day, you just need to remove all pins to gain the perfect curls. And you had better comb your hair gently with your fingers to remove frizziness and style wavy hair without heat.

2. Sock Bun

A sock bun is one of the creative and effective ways to make your hair look wavy without heat and more natural. Then let us learn how to get curly hair with socks.

Before making a donut bun with a sock, you need to dampen your hair.

Firstly, cut off the toes of a sock and roll it into a donut shape, then place the end of your ponytail through the hole of the sock and put all the ends of your hair into the entire sock.

Then, roll the sock down your ponytail until the sock reaches the root of your ponytail, and secure it in place with bobby pins.

In the end, let the sock bun on for a few hours or overnight, and when you wake up in the morning, remember to remove the pins and use your fingers to loosen your hair to enjoy your new curls.

3. Hair Bundles

If you have straight hair and want to try a different style, please consider purchasing some high-quality curly hair bundles. After all, the human hair bundles are made of 100% virgin human hair and very friendly for beginners who had never tried these before. And there are many human hair weaves in any color, length, and texture for you to opt for. For example, body wave hair bundles, loose wave hair weaves, natural hair bundles, and so on.

4. Hair Rollers

As we all know, hair rollers are often used to curl hair without heat as they can prevent your hair from heat damage. It is convenient so that you can choose different sizes of hair rollers according to your needs. For example, if you want tight curls, you can pick up some smaller-size hair rollers to get wavy hair without heat.

At first, gather a section of hair and place the hair roller at the end of the hair. And then roll the hair roller toward the root of your hair and use a hair pin to fix the curl on your scalp. 

Continue to curl all your hair and let them sit for a few hours until it is completely dry. 

At last, remove all hair roller and gently comb hair with your finger to get beautiful waves. And you can even repeat the same operation on human hair bundles before you install them to get more volume.

5. Braid

If you are looking for perfect beach waves, a braid is a great alternative to get flawless beach waves without any heat tools. Just make a simple braid for a few hours and loosening the braid, you can get some gorgeous waves.

You can get a similar look with an HD lace wig, that is breathable, comfortable, and even can be styled with all kinds of hairstyles according to your mood.

6. Headband

It is another easy way to create heatless curls. Start with dampened hair first and put a headband on your head. Then divide your hair into some parts and let every part wrap around your headband. Of course, you can use some pins to secure the hair and go to bed with the wrapping headband. On the next day, you can remove the pin and headband and gain some pretty, vintage curls.

Have you ever tied these ways to create curls without heat? Do you learn how to get curly hair without heat styling tools now?If you still have a question, please contact us.