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bangs: to cut or not to cut? 8 things to consider

“Should I get bangs?”  is something you’ve probably wondered at least once in your life (or like, every spring, when craving a dramatic hair change…)

Although it may not sound like a big deal to some, cutting your bangs (or fringe, whatever you call it) is actually quite an important decision for most of us. After all, you’re changing your look completely, and what if you don’t even like it? Where is the ‘undo’ option?!

Bangs can be the best thing you’ve ever done, or something you wish you hadn’t.
Well, our lovelies, here are some things to consider, which will help you decide whether or not you should cut your bangs.


1. Surprise! Bangs don’t always look red-carpet-ready

Bangs are high maintenance, and they require work. If you want your fringe looking pretty and wonderful, be prepared to spend time on it. Bangs need to be styled, tamed at night, during workouts, and kept at their optimal length for best results. Which brings us to the next point…


2. Your bangs will grow faster than you expect

You get your beautiful bangs, enjoy them for a few weeks, and then realize they’re just not the same anymore! It’s because they’re probably getting too long – bangs can grow much faster than you think. You then end up constantly clipping them up with a bobby pin…or partially covering your vision. Whichever one. To avoid this (depending on your hair growth rate), plan on being able to trim your bangs every 2-3 weeks, to keep them at their optimal length.


3. No, please don’t cut your own bangs

As tempting as this can be, unless you’re a professional hairstylist, just trust us on this one. Don’t cut or trim your bangs by yourself…with dull scissors…especially if it’s your first time. Cutting beautiful bangs requires a special technique that can be achieved by a hair professional much better than a first-timer.

4. Naturally curly hair dilemma – can I still get bangs?

Why yes, of course. But be prepared to spend even more time (and products) to keep your fringe looking styled and straight, as well as have the tools to maintain it that way throughout the day.

5. Your bangs will get oily faster

 That’s the bad news – but the good news is that you can wash *just* your bangs in the sink, which is totally better and quicker!

6. Cutting bangs is not the problem…growing them out is!

 There will come a time when you want to grow your bangs out. Although it’s amazing to witness how fast they grow (judging by the amount of trims you need to maintain them), ironically, growing out your bangs completely can seem like the slowest process on Earth. Like ever.


7. Choosing the style

When choosing the type of bang you want, consider your hair texture/type, as well as your hair part. For example, blunt and heavy bangs look great on thick hair. Fine hair beauties, however, should consider softer, side-swept bangs or be prepared to pull lots of hair forward for a heavier look. If you have a middle part, full frontal bangs may not work for you.


8. Consider your face shape 

Be aware of how the bang style can flatter your face shape. For example, long-swept side bangs look amazing on round face shapes, as they help to make an illusion of a less round face. For square face shapes, avoid blunt heavy bangs – they will only make your face look more square. Instead, opt for softer side swept bangs. When looking for inspiration on celebrities or others, look at those who have a similar face shape and hair type to yours.

It will take time, but you’ll get there!

Getting a hang of styling your bangs can definitely take some time, but don’t be discouraged. Like anything new, it will require some practice to master the art of fringe styling.


All this being said…

Changing up your look can definitely be a rewarding experience. How can you know if bangsreally work for you, until you’ve tried them? Keep in mind that hair does grow out eventually, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Just remember to consider the points mentioned above:)
Have you ever considered getting your bangs cut? Did you do it? How was your experience! Please share with us, we love hearing your stories.