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celebrity who using hair extensions

Have you ever noticed that celebrities often change their hairstyles? One moment she has a blond shoulder-length straight bob, and the next time she has dark booty length body wave hair. What’s the secret of that? The only answer is hair extensions! Hair extensions are more popular among celebrities. Today we share you some celebrities who love using hair extensions. Hope you can better know hair extensions.

   Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian loves wearing hair extensions, and we all love her stunning hairstyle. she has a lot hair extensions that allow to switch her hairstyle. we won’t bored with her hairstyle!

 Chrissy Teigen

A hair extensions class was opened on her channel to teach people how to care and style hair extension. If you need some help for hair extensions care, be sure to check out her channel!!!

Jennifer Lopez

A curly Bob to a long sleek, we see she often change this two hairstyles. The only way can help her to achieve long hairstyle is wearing hair extensions, because no one can grow long hair overnight.

Gigi Gorgeous

She’s a Youtube star and model. She use hair extensions to add hair volume and super hair length. she share a lot how to create beautiful blonde hair.

Kylie Jenner

Like her older sister, Kylie Jenner also love hair extensions and have fun with them. One day One day she’s rocking her black long hair, next she’s got a platinum blonde bob.

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