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hair advice detangle your virgin hair weave

Virgin hair weave is a good choice for women to get a new and chic looks. However, Like our own hair, virgin hair weave become tangled and matted if you don’t properly care them. If you are experiencing this hair issues and looking for advice what to do.  you are an lucky dogs, here we will show you how.


Firstly, let’s list what you will need.

A wide tooth comb: it enables you to get out the big knots and smooth out weave without shedding too much hair.

Clips: it’s needed because the hair weave need to detangle in sections, they can clamp the weave down and lock the hair in place.

Deep conditioner product

There is no doubt that a deep conditioner will help to detangle the hair, this keep the hair soft so that it is less likely to tangle together.

Then, let’s show how to do.


You need to brush hair weave thoroughly to let them as smooth as possible.


Part your hair into sections so that you can more easier to control. That’s can avoid too much tugging and damaging the hair.

Step3 :

Apply section lightly with conditioner and evenly and allow a moment for hair weave to react to the products. At least 30 minutes is recommended.


Finally, Rinse your hair extensions with your usual shampoo, let your hair air-dry at home.


Take above tips into account, it will make the hair handling easier.

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