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happy international women ‘s day 2018

The 109th International Women’s day is upon us. This is a great day that belong to all adult women over 18 years old,and a great time to show that you have so many rights!  

Today, we are valued by society, we have the right to vote and a say in any societal issues.We can go to college and study in any country.   

Today, we can do anything we want. We can hunter a job in any field and choose how to live by ourselves. We can go out rather than take care of household all the time.

Today, we can develop self-charm. Fashion and beauty is a fun and creative form of self-expression. We can dye a new hair color, create a unqiue hairstyle, wearing beautiful dresses and hign heels. We are pleasure to stay attractive every day!

So Yeah, Dear, Enjoy your womanhood.