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how long do closure wigs last


Here comes the question that might have been in your mind for some time. If you choose to wear a sew in or a lace closure wig, you can be sure that it will last longer than the frontal type. But you will have to take some care of your wig to let it serve you and make the most of it. Lace closures actually do well in the warm weather because their use does not involve much customizing or gluing that you might need for a lace front wig with a closure that might last for 2 to 3 weeks. After that time period, it will lose the glue and gradually pull off at the edges.




How about your lace closures? This will depend on three factors mentioned below –


1. The type of the lace

The lace type will have a major impact on the closure’s durability. There are usually two types – French and Swiss. While the French lace comes in different colors, the Swiss lace is more transparent and flimsy. Based on our experience, we can say that the French lace lasts longer than the Swiss-type because the former is more hard-wearing than the latter.


2. The type of hair

The type of hair used for the closure is also important. Do not think that a synthetic wig will last longer than a natural one like the Remy's hair. For your information, non-Remy hair and comb wastes are so fragile because they are treated chemically to straighten them. As a result, the cuticles are often broken which is beyond any repair. It is estimated that a closure made of non-Remy hair won’t last more than 6 months.


3. The hairstyle

Steam heat and chemical treatments are used in the manufacturing of blond straight or body wavy lace closures. Although the manufacturers try to reduce the possible side effects of this type of processing, these wigs still have adverse effects on the quality of the hair. This results in the closures with various hairstyles being less durable than those that have been made of human hair.   The good news is they will still serve you long with proper maintenance on your part.






How To Make A Lace Closure Wig Last Longer?

Pre-washing - gently remove the tangles (if any) from the wig before shampooing. Always apply a mild shampoo or one that is specially formulated for your chemically treated wig


Shampooing - never soak because this will cause the hair to tangle. When you think your hair is completely wet, apply a little amount of shampoo with your fingers and evenly distribute it all throughout the hair.


Washing – run your hair under warm water and see that the water is not hot but warm. Gently let the shampoo enter into the hair by stroking downwards. Start from the top and finish to the ends without twisting, scrubbing, or rubbing the hair.  


Combing - gently comb your hair to get rid of tangles while the hair is still wet. You can use a large-toothed comb but never use any bristle brush on the wet hair because this could break or pull out the hair.


Rinsing – if yours is a 100% human hair silk base wig, you can rinse it under a stream of cold water to remove any remains of the shampoo or the suds. In order to avoid the occurrence of tangling, make sure that the cold water flows from the hair cap to the hair ends. Then blot with your towel to remove any excess water.


Conditioning – apply a little amount of conditioner with your fingers and evenly distribute it all throughout the hair


Drying – you can hang the Upart wig with closure to air dry, set it in rollers, or even use your blow dryer on low settings.