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how many bundles with a closure



What Is A Human Hair Closure?

A human hair closure, is a part of lace frontal closure. Standard size of the a lace closure is 4x4 inch, but according to people’s endless demands, 5x5/6x6/7x7 inch human hair lace closure is also appeared on the market.

Usually, the human hair closure is put in the middle top of the head, it is also called as temple to temple lace closure, it is used to close off an installation.

There are three kinds of 4x4 closure, free part, middle part and three part




What Factors Do You Need To Consider?

Hair Length

Actually, different hair length needs different quantities of hair bundles. The longer hair you want, the more bundles you need to buy. When the weight of one hair bundle is fixed, the longer it is, the thinner it is.




Size Of Your Head

Grab a tape measure and measure your head from ear to ear--this will help you answer the question of how many bundles do you need. On average, womens heads measure 22. 5. The larger the number, the more bundles you’ll need. If its on the smaller side, you might be able to get away with 2-3 bundles.







How Many Bundles Do You Need With A Lace Closure?


That being said, if you are going for a shorter hairstyle like bob, you typically only need about 2 hair bundles. This is for if you install your weave with closure. My general rule of thumb is if you have bundles anywhere from 8 inches to about 14 inches, you only need 2 bundles.


If you are going to get bundles longer than 14 inches, like 16 inches to 20 inches, you need three bundles. anything past that you need 4 bundles.


When you are getting to the 22 inches you’ll just get 3 bundles and that will be fine because 3 bundles of 22 inches are not going to be the same as 18, 20 and 22 because you are going to get more wefts with the 18, 20 and the 22inches bundle and look thicker.