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how to choose the right hair extension texture for your hair type

Hair extensionsbundles, and wigs come with great benefits. They are a great solution for adding length and volume to your hair. However, the most important thing when wearing hair extensions is to make it look natural as your own hair. And one of the first steps to do this is choosing the right hair texture for your hair extensions. So, how to find the right hair type for your extensions? This post will give you the best details so that you can confidently rock your hair extensions and achieve a natural look that seamlessly blends with your real hair.




Knowing your natural hair type is crucial when selecting the right texture for your hair extensions or wigs. Hair type or texture is determined by the shape of the hair follicle, with flatter or oval-shaped follicles resulting in curlier hair and more circular follicles leading to straighter hair. To determine your hair type, examine your hair after washing and air-drying it. 

Type 1 hair is straight without any bends or curls, while Type 2 hair dries in an S shape or with a slight curve. Type 3 hair has clearly defined curls or loops, and Type 4 hair dries in tight curls, spirals, or zigzag patterns. There are four main hair types: straight hair (Type 1), wavy hair (Type 2), curly hair (Type 3), and kinky hair (Type 4). By understanding your natural hair type, you can select the perfect texture for your hair extensions or wig to ensure a natural and seamless blend with your own hair.





One of the most important things to consider when choosing hair extensions is to ensure they blend seamlessly with your natural hair texture. This helps avoid the dreaded "unnatural" look. It's crucial to take the time to find the right texture for your hair extensions to achieve a natural, effortless look that will fool even your closest friends.


For instance, if you have a perm and curly hair, it's best to choose a weave or hair extensions that match your natural hair texture. On the other hand, if your hair has been relaxed, it's easier to mix straight extensions into your hair.


When searching for the perfect hair extensions, it's essential to consider the quality, color, and length of the hair. Choosing the right installation method that works for your hair type and lifestyle is also important. With the right research and a little bit of patience, you can achieve the look you desire with hair extensions that blend effortlessly with your natural hair.





Choosing the right hair texture is crucial for achieving a seamless blend between your natural hair and hair extensions. This will save you time and effort in styling and fixing during the installation process. When it comes to human hair extensions, it's important to consider your hair's natural texture before making a purchase. Here are some tips to help you spot the right texture for your human hair extensions:


When it comes to choosing the right hair extensions, it's essential to consider your natural hair texture. Straight human hair extensions are perfect for those with straight hair or chemically treated hair. For those with wavy hairbody wave or loose wave textures are ideal, as they blend in seamlessly with similar textures. Kinky or textured hair extensions such as afro or boho jerry curl are perfect for those with kinky hair. Remember, the key to achieving a natural look is to choose a hair texture that matches your natural hair. And, after installation, styling can make a huge difference in achieving your desired look. By determining your hair texture first and checking the hair texture chart, you can find the best hair extensions for your hair. 

So whether you're looking for hair extensions for length or volume, make sure to choose high-quality human hair extensions to achieve the best results.