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how to curl brazilian hair

Curling Brazilian Hair

 In this video, we learn how to curl Brazilian hair using a curling iron.
First, part your hair off into one inch pieces and then turn on your curling iron up. After this, roll the hair in the curling iron and pull it up to the root of the Brazilian hair.
Leave the curling iron in for several seconds and then release the hair. Then, continue to do this for the rest of the sections of the hair. Slowly let go of the clamp so your hair doesn’t get trapped inside.
Don’t forget to always apply before using your curling iron.

10 Hair Curling Tips!

1. Using a smaller barrel curling iron works best for tight curls.
2. When your hair in a ponytail, curl your hair for quick waves.
3. Curling your hair away from your face will make your look have more volume.
4. Want your curl to last longer? Start closer to the root!
5. Make sure to curl your hair with the ends at the tip of the curling iron.
6. Wrap your hair away from your face when wanting to curl your bangs.
7. Clean your curling iron while hot. It is much easier!
8. To cool your iron let it sit out. Do not run under hot water.
9. Clip and hair spray your curls directly off the curling iron.
10. Blow dry your hair while curling to add more volume.