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how to curl hair with a flat iron

If you would love to have some ideas in mind before you curls you hair with flat iron, there is a quick guide to help you getting beautiful curls. we hope you have fun with it!

Things required:

#Flat Iron ( at least 1 inch wide)

#Heat protectant or Thermal spray

# Volumizing Spray

Step 1: prepare your hair

Your hair should be clean and dry before starting, because wet hair can’t hold the curls well. next,Heat your flat iron up to the temperature you want. Normally 300 to 380 degrees is best. And then, apply heat protection or thermal spray between your hair. make sure you spray it on each section.

Step 2: Part you hair in section 

Separate your hair up above your ears and put it on the top of your head. if you have thicker hair, you need to part more sections. 

Step 3: starting curls your hair

Take 1 inch hair, and insert it into your flat iron. next twist your wrist which is holding the flat iron about a half-turn, then slowly and carefully pull it down the length of the hair. Repeating this until you reach the result you desire.

Step 3: Apply Volumizing Spray to hold the curls

Put a light mist of Volumizing Spray all over your curls to keep them pretty throughout the day.  

Using the flat iron to curl is a technique, You may spend few time on it, so you should be patient with yourself.