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how to make a wig with a closure and bundles


Beautiful wigs are easily and widely available in the market. You just need to visit a hair store or place online order to buy wigs. Though pre-made wigs are easily available, many still choose to make their own wig.  DIY wig for beginners is a complicated task. Also, there are many questions that arise like- how to make my own wig without closure; how to make a homemade wig or beginner guide for making a wig with bundles.  Wig making definitely needs a lot of knowledge and patience.




1. Decide The Type Of Wig

The first step of how to make wig closure from scratch is the type of wig you want to make. You can choose from full lace wig, lace closure wig, lace frontal wig, etc. to make the hair piece choose from the common hair types, i.e. human hair or synthetic fiber. raw human hair is often preferred as they look more natural.






2. Wig Making Materials Tools

Collect wig making materials like Mannequin head, Tripod stand, Hair weave (curly hair weave or body wave weave), Wig cap, Measuring tape, a wig comb, Scissors, and Needle thread. Ensure the exact size of your head to make a perfect wig.




3. Preparing Hair Net

Start preparing the mannequin head by fixing it well onto the tripod stand. Now place the wig cap on the mannequin head. Properly adjust the straps to get the right size. Gently Mark on the hair tracks over the net cap. Now it’s is all ready to sew-in on the hair net. 



4. Step By Step Sewing A Wig

You can either choose from remy hair or virgin hair as per your choice. Human hair is considered for being comfortable. Now Follow the hair tracks, and start to sew in hair extensions on the cap making sure it’s tight. The lace closure can either be sewed first or after hair weave finish. Start with the part of closure to make your wig look more natural.


Sew the hair row by row

You can cut the bundle into small pieces or also fold while sewing.

Start sewing the hair from the back by creating two tight knots to keep them at the place.

Complete sewing first hair row then moving to the next one.

Hair trace should be neat and bump free. 

Follow the same for second & third ones Leaving a U-part section on wig cap forehead.

Sew hair in the U-part for a fuller look and sew the rest hair bundle pieces into the cap.

Cover the cap net full of hair to get your own hair wig.



5. Style Your Wig

After learning How To Make The Perfect Wig and making one, it’s time to comb it well to get a good look. always use a wide comb which tends to avoid tangle or shedding.  It’s time to Adjust your hair as per the complexion or style. You can leave the hair wig free or have a middle part hairstyle. You can also style the hair as you like loose wave bundles.




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