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how to sew in bundles with closure?






– The wig cap



– Sewing needle


– Thread


– Measure the size of your cap to make sure it will fit your hair




– You should get a curved needle and an invisible thread for sewing the bundles.




Step by step


Step 1: Braid your hair


Braid your natural own hair into cornrow from front to back.


Step 2: Thread the needle


You should double the thread, don’t let it too long or too short since the long thread can affect your sewing and the too-short thread will make you thread frequently, reducing the efficiency of your work.


Step 3: Sew the cap to your head


Place the cap that you over your head, make sure that your cornrows are totally covered by the cap.


Next, sew the cap to the cornrows braids. But before that, mark where the margin braids are and where you will start sewing.


You can sew the cap round-and-round to your head to ensure it is well secured on your head. Next is sewing the closure.


Step 4: Sew the human hair bundles


To start, you can sew the human hair bundles from the back of your head. Then, sew the bundles around your head circumference circle by circle, until the weave looks full and done!


Step 5: Style the hair as you want