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lace closure vs lace frontal

We all know that lace closure and lace frontal can complete a weave, they are very useful in creating beautiful hairstyle. but do you know what is the difference between them? Today, we make you clear before you shop for a lace closure or a frontal.


This is the most obvious difference you can see between lace closure and frontal. Closure are smaller than frontal. it tend to place in the middle of the head or on the side for a side part look. Frontal is larger, it can run ear to ear to cover your entire hairline.


Closure can be installed by sewing. You can sewing into the hair, then finish weaving the rest of the hair with longer bundles, you can create a natural-looking hairstyle. Lace frontal will require more minor work to create a natural looking. You need to sew lace frontal behind the hairline invisible thread and keep the hair secured firmly in the cap.

What is best for you ?

Closure is a low cost option for a simple look, but its style options is limited, a set side parting or middle parting. so closure is perfect for people who don’t care with same style. Frontal is more versatile than a closure. You can part you hair in any way you wish. It’s best for you to update different look. Depend on your style of choice, choose what you need.