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moisturizing tips for curly dry hair

Did you have such experience that you struggle with your curly dry hair every single day? If so, you must realize how important the moisture of hair are! 

Curly hair is tough to manage and style and drier than other type of hair. so you need to seal your dry hair with water and conditioner first. Take a empty bottle, fill two-thirds water and one third moisturizing spray-on conditioner on it. Then start Misting your hair and sealing in the first layer of moisture.

Another tips is applying a oil treatment weekly. Relaxing your hair with ingredients like gardenia, coconut or Tahitian Manoi oil. It’s easy to done. use a a plastic cap to cover you hair, waiting for 20 mins. Then go to rinse. 

We love doing hair and being creative for our own hair. but if your hair lack of moisture, nothing you can do. Just stick with good Moisturizing Tips. After couple of weeks, you can kiss dry hair goodbye!