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popular ombre hair color

Ombre was the most popular hair coloring hair trend recently. Now let’s take a look at these gorgeous hair color ideas that will lead you naturally stylish and modern styles. 


Smoke and Silver Ombre

Smoky grey and silver blue make a trendy color combination for a lady looking to update her hairstyle,  there’s a transition from Smoky grey on top to silver on the bottom, which is more usual.

Shimmering Wavy Ombre

This ombre also creates a cool contrast between dark and light, but it’s a bit more subtle and natural-looking. It’s prefect for those who wat a sun kissed glow year round.

Black and Red Ombre

Red and black together is an amazing color combination. since having all red hair would be too much for some people, having a black and red ombre is the way to go.

Purple Passion Ombre

This is an awesome ombre effect, it creats the smooth transition from black to purple. this is a great style for the spring and summer season.


Now, you know Ombre doesn’t just have to be blonde to brown, it can be Smoke and Silver, purple,etc. Just remember, if you want to add a colour other than a lighter version of your natural colour, you’ll have to bleach the ends. Unless you have blonde hair.


If you want to test whether you’ll suit ombre hair or not, try hair extensions. because they’re made from human hair, you can wash and style as you would your own.