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teach you how to start business:retail store

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This article is mainly about the physical store, if you want to open an online store please click HERE to skip to the article about online stores.

Brick and mortar stores are the most common way of trading from ancient times to the present. With the development of the Internet and the rampant epidemic in recent years, brick-and-mortar stores are becoming increasingly difficult to operate. But the brick-and-mortar store's own traffic advantage, is still the most advantageous among all trade methods.


There is a lot of preparation required to run a hair business entity, and it often takes a period of time to build up and prepare before you can start operating. The threshold is relatively high and the tolerance for error is relatively low. If you have concerns, it is recommended to start with an online store. If you have sales experience when you were a student, it will be very helpful for your brick and mortar store.


So, what exactly do you need to be ready to open a retail store? 


1. You need to learn about the products available on the hair market, including their classification and grade, and how to distinguish them.

A. Quality (Grade): mink hair, virgin hair, remy hair

B. Style (classification): bundle, closure, frontal, wig, extension (or eyelash)

2. Get to know the best-selling types in the market today and the hottest types in your region.

3. Contact different suppliers to buy and try samples. To find the most suitable supplier for the product you need to purchase. Of course there can be no unique supplier for each product.

4. Finding a storefront with a large number of your target customers in the incoming and outgoing customers. The store rent should be chosen according to your actual economic situation.


These 4 points seem short, but the implementation will take a certain amount of time. After doing these four things, your business will be considered ready. There are also some small details that are not mentioned. You can refer to this article, How to Start a Business in 13 Steps, which has a detailed description of the things to address at each step of opening a store.

After your store is getting on track, like other stores, you need to take the initiative to increase your visibility. You can refer to another article I published -- teach you how to start business:sell at school, which has 3 promotion methods recommended to you inside.


Well, so far, the series of articles on "teaching you to start a business" has been concluded. I know a lot of our clients are getting ready to start their business. You can send a private message to our customer service and email address with any questions you have and we will try our best to provide you with useful suggestions. Thank you for reading.


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