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teach you how to start business:salon owner

Every hair stylist in the salon is an artist who creates beauty for his or her clients. However, to run a salon, you need not only a high level of skill, but also a strong material back-up support. Next I will give you some advice to start your offline salon business that I hope will help you.

Preliminary Preparation

1. Excellent hair stylist skill

2. Find a suitable place and set up your own salon

3. Design your own brand

4. Figure out the main customer groups near the salon location

After completing these preparations, you can open a store with peace of mind.

Noahhh, that's certainly not enough! 

You also need the backing of a reliable supplier.

So how do you choose the right supplier and product? How to run your store in the beginning?

Here are suggestions for you to help you start your business smoothly and get good reviews from your customers.

First, you need to get a general idea of your target customers in your neighborhood and speculate about their consumption ability.

Secondly, because the salon is a brick-and-mortar store, there are all kinds of people who walk into the store every day. Therefore, you need to choose a supplier that has a variety of different levels of hair quality for you to choose from to handle the needs of different customers. Then, according to what you know about the consumption level of your main customers, choose the right kind of hair and stock some of them.


In the meantime, you'd better look for a supplier with a factory. From time to time, clients have a need for curling, coloring and bleaching their hair. When you run a store by yourself at the beginning, you may not have time to process customers' orders when there are too many customers within a short time. This is the time to have your supplier handle some of the simple coloring and perming for you. It can save a lot of time and bring a larger number of orders.

Besides, in the early stage of the salon opening, in addition to your neighborhood, how to let more people know about your salon? How to make your completed masterpiece become your stepping stone to get more customers? 

The answer is social media. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and so on. You can upload your videos of wearing wigs, quick weaving or showcasing your products to social media. To let more people know about your salon and increase its visibility through free traffic and paid traffic. You can also invite online stars to your salon and let them promote your store, which will get faster traffic boost.

Finally, the selection of suppliers was completed, there was a certain amount of stockpiling, and popularity was raised through social media. Your salon can gradually get on the right track.

And all of the above mentioned, Aliqueen Mall can meet your expectation.

a. We have sales of bundles, closures, frontals, wigs, men's toupee and eyelashes.

b. We have our own factory, we support different texture and color customization, and customize your dedicated packaging.

c. At the same time we have operated our own social media, which can give you a reference.

Contact us with any further questions and we will be glad to answer them for you. We hope our experience will be helpful to you.

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