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tips: take care of your hair in winter

Split ends, flyaway, lack of moisture..., winter seems to put you into a bad hair day. hair needs protection to remain soft and healthy in winter. Here are 3 ways to protect your hair.

Split ends and dry hair is common in winter months. If you won’t your hair get drier and brittle, it’s time to keep the moisture of your hair. Try to moisturize your
hair every 2 or 3 days or when you notice your hair drying.

#Combat static
When the air is dry, static electricity is active. So how do you reduce the annoying static?
Hair spray is your best friend. A light hair spray will give your
hair a quick boost of moisture and tame your flyaway. But don’t put too much on your hair.

#Deep conditioning treatment
Apply a deep conditioning treatment once a week is recommended. deep conditioner is appropriate for most hair types, as it combines a diversity of amino acids and proteins. You hair will be more manageable,softer, free-frizz.