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too many chemical treatments can cause dry and fragile hair

Excessive or repeated chemical treatment in your hair texture would effect the health of your hair. no matter which chemical treatment you choose, your hair will certainly get dry and fragile. In order to minimize the negative impact of them, today we share 2 suggestions to treat your hair.

#    Consider Ammonia-free Hair Color:

Ammonia has a strong acrid smell and is irritating to sensitive scalps. So we recommend using Ammonia-free
Hair Color. Ammonia-free hair color typically uses monoethanolamine (MEA) that contains alcohol as well which works as an alternative pH adjuster in hair dyes. It is used in a less concentrated form and in combination with emollient oils and that makes it less damaging.So,Next time use ammonia-free permanent and demi-permanent formulas to reduce damage of hair.

#   Explore non-chemical options for straightening your hair:  

If you look for
straight hair, don’t take a risk to a chemical process. Be kind to your hair, there are a lot of non-chemical options. Today, a lot of smoothing formulas can be applied before you style your hair that will reduce frizz and flyaways as well as add moisture to your dry hair.