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top 3 hair care mistakes people with curly hair make

Everyone just loves to have curly hair, it sets your hairstyle distinguished from others as most women have a straight hairstyle or wavy hairstyle. But no matter how gorgeous it looks, it still is difficult to handle. As it is very dry and frizzy and is most likely to get split ends and breakage. here are Top 3 hair care mistakes people with curly hair make.

  •  Mistakes in cleaning curly hair

Shampooing too often. –Shampooing your hair frequently strips it of its natural oils and makes it dry and more prone to frizz. Apart from that, using too much shampoo causes the chemicals to form a sediment on your scalp, not allowing it to breathe, blocking the ducts of your sebaceous glands (that release an oily substance onto your skin to help keep it healthy) and can harm your hair follicles too.

Tips: The less you wash, the better! Say, 1-2 times a week. 

  •  Mistakes in conditioning curly hair

Using the wrong products. –Conditioners, mousse, hair sprays and products to prevent frizz are all common fixtures for people with this kind of hair. But while these products might help keep your hair looking absolutely perfect, know that they can cause a lot of damage. For one, these products contain numerous chemicals that can damage your hair in the long run. Apart from that, if you don’t wash off the product and apply a fresh layer of it over unwashed hair, it tends to trap dirt and grime on your hair shaft which can eventually harm your scalp leading to infections.

Tips: Make sure you use products that suit your hair and avoid using them on a daily basis. A good way is to use natural methods for soft manageable curls and resort to products only when the occasion demands it.

  • Mistakes in drying curly hair

Rubbing or toweling the hair off. –Do not rub with a harsh towel, because this can cause the cuticles to open and make your hair frizzy. So, No matter what, do not interrupt your curls in any way while they're drying! 

Tips: When you get out of the shower, gently dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt and gently scrunch the leftover water.

Finally, I hope this helps you avoid any mistake you may be making in your curly hair routine.