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washing your hair in winter


In winter, the weather was dry and cool, your body’s temperature naturally lowers and you’re less likely to sweat. Furthermore, some people will easy to catch a cold after shampooing. So, most people think it’s preferably less wash or not wash your hair. However, if you not wash your hair, the hair will smelling strongly. how often you should wash you hair in winter? In fact, everyone should wash hair in winter according to their hair texture.

Oily hair
For oily hair, due to the sebaceous glands produce excess oil, you hair will more easier to be greasy. You should wash your hair at least every other day to ensure the hair still clean and smell great.

Dry hair
Too much oil results in greasy hair and conversely, too little oil make dry hair. Dry hair is easily to dry ,break easily and bifurcate. frequently washing hair in winter will damage the hair cuticle more, in general, it’s better to wash hair every three days.

The best time of washing hair in winter

Most of people have a habit of washing hair in the morning or before bedtime. This is also bad for your health. At 3:00 to 10:00 a.m., the hair is being repaired and hair follicle are relaxed. If you wash the hair at this period, the hair is brittle, this will affect the growth of the hair. try to break the habit of shampoo your hair after 10 p.m., because someone will go to bed without waiting the hair dry. This may cause headache.

Thus, the best time to wash your hair is between 1:00 to 8:00 a.m.