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what's trending in wigs for spring 2022? how to get hidden discounts from aliqueen?

I like seeing the flowers and trees bud and bloom. Everything is so dead looking in winter and then things start coming back to life in spring.”


The long cold winter is over and the spring of 2022 is here. It's time to take off the wigs you've been using all year and welcome the new spring with the latest wigs. In this article, We will not only recommend the trend wigs for you this spring to avoid your selection difficulties, but also to provide our wholesale customers with ideas for buying. Meanwhile, March 8, Women's Day, is just around the corner. Are you anxiously looking for gifts for yourself, your mother, your bestie? Don't worry, we have gifts for you all too. So promise me you'll see this article through to the end.


Essentials of spring and summer wigs and matching:

1. light and thin

2. Short size

3. Bright color

4. Lively and lovely texture

According to the above principles, and combined with this year's trends, here are a few recommended wigs for you.



1. Pix cut wig


I shouldn't need to say much about this one, because it's been a big hit from last year to this year, and every time we post a pix cut try-on video on social media it gets a lot of views and likes.

As for consumers, pix cut is loved by customers because it has always been cost-effective, easy to wear, breathable and many other advantages.




2. Bob wig


There is no doubt that every spring and summer Bob wig is a hot product. The coolness of short hair, combined with the versatile look of bob wig, customers who love both cute and sexy looks can't get enough of them.




3. Headband wig


The biggest advantage of the headband wig is the ease of wearing and taking off, even for new customers who have never bought a wig, it is not a bit difficult to use.

In addition, in a relatively warm and humid environment, headband wig is also a more favorable choice for head skin breath-ability.




These are the wigs that I suggest for you for the spring and summer seasons, which can also be your gift to your friends and relatives, I guarantee they will be overjoyed!


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