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what is different between hand tied weft and machine tied weft

A weft can be made by a machine or by hand. But do you know the difference between hand-tied wefts and machine-tied wefts? Please read on.

Hand-tied wefts

Hand-tied wefts are more flexible than machine-tied wefts so it does reduce hair bumps. Hand-tied wefts are also thinner so they blend in nicely with your own hair. They also feel much lighter on your head so you feel less bulky. However, you better not cut hand tied wefts as they unravel very easily. So it require an experienced hair stylist to install them.

Machine-tied wefts

Machine wefts are popular than Hand-tied wefts because they are durable, their stitches are reinforced. Unlike hand-tied wefts, Machine wefts are easy to put in. a stylist can cut machine wefts into smaller pieces to fill sections where there is less hair like the sides or back of the head.

For the maintenance of hand-tied weft and machine wefts, we suggested 2-4 weeks for machine-tied wefts and 4-8 weeks for hand-tied. There is also a price difference between them. Because of hand-tied weft done by hand and it really take a longer time to complete, hand-tied hair wefts are more expensive than the machine-tied wefts.

So, which should you choose?

We think Your choice should depend on what is convenient and personal preference for both you and also your stylist. Weigh your options properly before you make a choice.

Hope we had been able to answer your questions about the differences between Hand-tied weft and Machine-tied weft.