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where can i buy human hair wigs wholesale supplier

A human hair wig supplier that you deserve to rely on for the long term must have the following characteristics.

1. A wide range of products that can be customized

2. Adequate inventory and appropriate customization time

3. a long history of the company with comprehensive and sustainable services.

To sum up, to choose the right supplier for your business, you need to spend time and effort to slowly and carefully select and, if necessary, purchase samples from different suppliers for comparison. Here we recommend Aliqueen Mall, a store with a 14-year history in the wig business. I will explain in detail why I recommend it.




Aliqueen Mall has a wide range of live hair grades and product categories to choose from.

The main hair grades are remy hair, virgin hair and quality options broken down by these two grades.

There is a selection of hot hair bundles, closures, frontals, wigs and hair extensions.




Aliqueen Mall has its own factory and warehouse, so it can transfer the order information to the back office and arrange the production in the first time after the order is placed. After shipping, we will update you with the courier bill number in time.




Aliqueen Mall has a professional team that keeps an eye on market trends and gives more useful advice to partners who are new to the industry.  Or for the retail buyers who are shopping, recommend the best wig for you. There is always one that will meet your needs.