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why should use dry shampoo for your hair

Do you know that frequent shampooing will strip moisture from our hair? And Have you heard that shampooing less often is better for our hair? If not, now I tell you, that’s all the true. Because our hair needs to produce natural oils to maintain our hair health. If you wash our hair too much, you can strip your hair of them and dry the hair out. but this doesn’t mean that your only can wash your hair weekly or monthly ...just switch to dry shampoo, when it was applied into your hair, it can absorb excess grease and dirt without getting the hair wet.

Here, let’s talk about the advantage of dry shampoo.

Many hair stylists suggest that washing the hair twice or three times a week. so, when you didn’t wash your hair today, you can use dry shampoo to avoid your hair look grease and dirt.

When you are going to self-driving traveling, having a bath is not easy. Or you are in the hospital and cannot take a shower, dry shampoo can help you hair keep clean. But of course, it is short-term.

Dry shampoo also can be a styling product. because it adds the hair more fullness and texture. for example, you sleep late on workdays, you can save time by simply using dry shampoo to style your hair.


if you have Ali Queen Hair extensions, you also can use dry shampoo, since Ali Queen Mall hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, no matter what type of hair extensions, they can be treated as your own hair. dry shampoo can keep you human hair extensions look and smell great.

Although dry shampoo is a low-maintenance way to extend the time between washings, you shouldn’t use this too much time.  dry shampoo just solve the problem in the short term, our scalps still need regular cleaning to maintain good health.

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