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teach u how to start business:online owner

In the age of epidemic, there is no doubt that online sales are the most common and convenient way to sell. But everything is difficult at the beginning, from setting up your own online store to making a smooth profit is a long process. Here I will teach you step by step how to set up your own online store and solve the problem of sourcing so that your business is free from worries.

Preliminary Preparation:

1. Mobile and Computer

2. Register your shopping platform merchant account ( Amazon / shopify / shopee / your own website )

3. Get specific information about the products you want to sell ( Important !!! )

4. Probably think about your main customer groups and product quality

Once you are ready and have considered your main goals, you can start to set up your store.

Next you may be faced with several questions:

1. Where should trustworthy products come from?

2. Should I get my own photographer to take pictures of the products on the shelves specifically?

3. How can you make your products stand out among thousands of online stores and be remembered by customers?

4. How to get return orders from customers?

Don't worry, let's solve the problem one by one.

First of all, problems 1 and 2 can be easily solved if you work with Aliqueen.

Aliqueenmall offers a huge range of hair products and derivatives such as bundles, closures, frontals, wigs, men's toupee and eyelashes, as well as different styles customization. We also offer Dropshipping service exclusively for online sellers, so you can control the production, shipping and after-sales of your products just by looking at your computer. It's even more convenient than playing The Sims!

The picture problem is much easier to solve. Our products have photos taken by professional photographers, and we can provide you with watermark-free pictures of the products you want to sell for free. You just need to put your logo on it, and can immediately on the shelves of your store.

3. How can you make your products stand out among thousands of online stores and be remembered by customers?

This is a big problem related to many aspects of the issue. Such as the size of the platform, the traffic of the platform, etc. Here I'll tell you the must-do and most effective way - set up your own brand.

It sounds like nonsense, but it's actually a very important thing. When you have a good LOGO and store name, it is unforgettable to customers. And we make it easier for you to bring your branding on your products. We offer custom labels, hang tags, thank you cards and satin bags that are pre-packaged for you before shipping, so that your customers can see your attractive branding as soon as they receive it and have it imprinted in their minds.


Besides , promoting your brand on social media and selling your products directly on social media is also a common sales method for online stores nowadays. This is also the fastest way to get traffic to your online store, such as Facebook, Instagram or the most popular Tiktok.

Start by opening a dedicated social media account for your store and upload videos of your products or customer feedback to increase your brand awareness through free and paid traffic. 

4. How to get reorders from customers?

This question is not really difficult to explain, bring it to yourself to know the answer. What product will make you reorder? Of course it is the product whose quality and price are in line with your expectations.

Aliqueenmall can be your strong backing. We provide you with hair of the right quality according to the budget of each client. Whether a client wants good value for money or top quality, she will find the product she needs here.

Well, this article ends here. If you have more questions, you can ask our customer service or contact our email, we always welcome your questions and answer them for you. Thanks for reading.